Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unpredictable Passion By Faith F

She's BACK!  It's been 4 years since we've heard or read anything from her.  Welcome her back with her newest title, "Unpredictable Passion."

An innocent love thing had turn into an affair forbidden by trans and gay society. One by one Secrets of Bison unfolds that consistently breaks Katrina’s fragile heart. It turned out Bison has a wife and leading more than one life. He's addicted to the night life and drugs, while she yearns for his love and affections. In the end both of them had deadly skeletons in their closet. One by one the secrets revealed which lead to heartache, physical abuse and possibly attempted murder. - Non-Fiction story.

 visit authors website: Www.LilithAffairs.Us

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nicki Minaj - The Pink Print Album

Nicki Minaj's face were not selling her albums in store's.  This time around they're keeping her face off her latest album in hopes for better sales.  Every album she has put out has declined in sales with each release.

 But, it's not her face that's the problem.  It's her art and craft.  There's no talent behind it, and she may write her own lyrics but it's not helping her album sales.

Nicki Minaj needs a team rearrangement.  The one she has aren't helping her.  It's either that or UP the Talent!  And change that damn album cover!  Is Nicki Minaj selling makeup now?  Because that's what I thought when I saw this cover.  I know artist with no budget that can come up with better album cover's than this shitty art work.

"Talent is one thing she couldn't steal from Lil Kim."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ts Madison - The New Supreme (EP Album)

Do not hate on the 'Big Dick Bitch' Ts Madison!  The Transgender, Transsexual-Woman brings you more than just the REAL!  She's a porn-star and TV superstar in her own right but now currently in the rights of relevant networks.  I've seen her a couple times gracing my cable TV while watching the 'Logo channel'.  I watch her show on YOUTUBE.COM with her segment and series of "Wait a Minute, BITCH!"

Now, she's the new supreme in the music world.  Her album EP has come out, finally!  If you still don't know who she is, check out all these link and video's below.  She also has great opinions when it comes to real life drama, and I personally think she give's good talk.  Now, go check her out and support her on Itunes!

Kicking down doors for TRANSGENDER WOMEN all across the land.  She's putting you on the map, darling!

Mona Scott Young - Love and Hip Hop Reality TV Show

  Until Mona Scott Young can come up with something positive than I'll watch.  All the drama on that show is petty and it's not interesting enough for me to keep glued to that show.  VH1 needs to cancel the show and fire Mona Scott Young.  There is nothing more to say about this.  Get it off TV, asap!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is Snoop Dog gay? (Beef with Iggy Azalia)

Not only does he gets fake nails and French tips them, but he also picks on girls.  No one knows the reason why he's attacking Iggy Azalia but it's starting to look "Faggish" on his part.  Iggy has stopped her frying back, but Snoop carries it on.  I guess he's trying to get back into the spot light, his old ass.  It's done for you Snoop!  Your done!  Accept it and move on and most of all, "Grow up!"

We are on Iggy Azalia's side.  She's is winning this year and winning over Nicki Minaj.  It's the truth, she is.  Even though we know Nicki has done and accomplished WAY more, but this year Iggy is WINNING!

Dear, Snoop Dog.  Stop trying to start a trend.  Men getting fake finger nails is not cute and looks GAY!  You supposed to be a Gangsta?  What happen?  You getting soft, Nigga!

West Side Love Story Vol.1

With nowhere to go after being kicked out and homeless, Katrina and her best friend attend a school program as a last choice in life. Before they enrolled, they were part of a sister-hood along with other trans-women living together and hustling the streets together. An altercation sparked between Kiki and Dynasty, which lead to Kiki kicking Dynasty out of the home. Dynasty was Katrina’s best friend and couldn’t let Dynasty leave alone. Katrina left with her, and Sally left voluntarily as well out of pity for Katrina and Dynasty.

Another one of the girls had lend them her boyfriends jeep so that they had a place to sleep. Sleeping under the black sky and feeling cold, they ran the streets to survive and eat. Dynasty and Katrina had enough and signed up for school because they had nowhere to go and school provided a dorm. As a last chance in life, they made the best of it even though school and dormitory life came with sexual-orientation drama. They lived through it; it was hard to fight with school officials, they were being forced out of school unless they dressed as males. Katrina almost gave up, but Dynasty reminded her that she wasn’t alone and that they have each other.

Katrina and Dynasty slowly drift apart exploring other things in life while education was changing them and forcing them to grow up as young adults. That’s where Katrina had met a boy that liked her, but she was disgusted and hated him in the beginning. Katrina felt alone; her best friend was hanging out with other students of the dorms unconsciously. Dynasty was a people pleaser while Katrina hated people, only used to people close to her and doesn’t make friends well.

Bison, a boy five years younger than she is, he invites her to attend activities with him. She only went because she had no real friends and Dynasty was entertaining other friends she’s made along the way.

Over time, Bison falls in love with Katrina, and she’s blind to see it. She sees’s nothing but the beauty in her eyes and the person she stares at in the mirror. Bison shows her many times that he likes her, and he doesn’t show it, till one day. He kisses her on the beach, and because they have been spending so much time together, the kiss finally sparks something for Bison. At first she didn’t want to admit it, but she ends up falling hard in love with Bison. She almost loses focus in her education exchange for love.

What a stupid love thing had turn into an affair forbidden by trans and gay society. One by one Secrets of Bison unfolds that consistently breaks Katrina’s heart. She cried all the time; Bison turned out to be a bi-sexual man who was married to an unknown woman.

Double lives have been lived, and it hurt them both and even attempted murder was attempted between the two. It turns out that it was Katrina who had the most skeletons in her closet… Nothing but love and lies.