Friday, July 31, 2015 1x Motif-701Ll - Clear/White

I ordered these for a book cover photo-shoot and loved how the color went with my outfit.  I got these 7 Inch Stiletto Heel Lollipop Print Platform Slide for $34.99.  The original price is $78.00, what a bargain.

People might see me in these and think I'm a stripper, but I just like sexy and colorful heels and clothes.  I won't wear these a lot in public, but I will wear them for my husband in the bedroom.  Spice up your love life or cheer up your wardrobe, or do both.  The main thing is that you got it on a sale.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

How To Pack When You Travel...

By the looks of this video tutorial, it looks like this is for packing lite. But I bet it works the same when you pack heavy. This is good for small or big vacations.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Spam & Cabbage: $5 Dollar Dinner

I bought the Chinese cabbage for $1.99 and the can of spam for $2.50.  $5 Dollar Dinner feeds 4 people or more.

Heat pot with one-half cups of water.
Add 3 tablespoons of Patis (Fish Sauce).
Half a cup of soy sauce.
Let it simmer on slow to medium heat to create a nice broth.

Wash cabbage free from dirt.
Cut Cabbage anyway you like.
Cut spam in cubes.

Add Cabbage to broth.
Add spam to pot
Mix and stir well until cabbage is soft.

Serve over rice and enjoy! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies At 22. (Rant)

I was scrolling through my instagram and I see celebrities posting pics of them with Bobbi Kristina.  So, now I know she's gone, so let me rant!!!  Dear, Bobbi Christina, I am so sorry to what ever happened to you.  It's not your fault, you've been raised by bad parents.  You became a rebel and no one could change your ways, not even your uncle and auntie.  You are now in peace without suffering and hopefully you are with Mother Whitney Houston, God Bless your soul Bobbi Kristina.  As for your so-called boyfriend, I hope he catch a dime from any of the Houston's money.

Dearest, Miss Whitney Houston.  You were the greatest singer ever, and I've grown up on your music.  I love you and your music and your undeniable talent you had.  Your music will live on just like all the other great artist that's dead.  But, you were a horrible, horrible mother to Bobbi Kristina.  You let yourself be beat up on drugs with that low-life husband, Bobbi Brown and let the media drag you up and down the entertainment news world.  I watched your reality show with the disgusting Bobbi Brown and saw that Bobbi Kristina needed real love from her parents.  She wasn't getting any of it though it seemed.  I love you Whitney Houston, always.

To: Bobbi Brown!  You are just disgusting, a low budget dirt bag, no child support for your kids.  No love for Bobbi Kristina.  You deserve to have both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina come and haunt you at night.  Hell, they both should choke you in your sleep, because you started all of this.  Drug addiction, alcoholism and physical abuse to Whitney which lead to Emotional scars to Bobby Kristina.  I wish you a hard life from now on even when you die, I hope you burn in hell.  One thing I hate is a bad parent, where else is a child supposed to go if they don't got their parents to hold the down??!!

My Sushi Experience.

My Sushi Experience.

This one is called the 'Mochiko Chicken Musubi'. It's battered chicken in a white rice flour an deep fried or pan fried.  It's wrapped in rice and Nori (seaweed) and in the middle is a light mayo sauce added just in case things get dry.  This is not one of my favorites, but I do devour this when I'm on the run and short on time.  It's a mouth full, so have your napkins ready.  Not bad on price.

This is the cousin of the original Sushi called Mak'e (Ma-keh).  This is the California Roll with crab and the seaweed is in the middle.  Mayo and crab mixed with seasoning.  Scrambled eggs accompany the crab roll with the rice and the sesame seeds on the outside of the rice.  This is my second choice if the mak'e is not available, such as right now.  

This is called a mini Hawaiian style Bento (Japanese box lunch).
It's got mini link sausage's with eggs and rice wrapped in seaweed.  I love this, it's what I first grab when I'm hungry at 7-11.  I think the price is too high for this little dish, just my opinion.  

I'm not sure if the mainland sells these in 7-11 like we do here in Hawaii.  Hawaiian's... or should I say Local people in Hawaii love local style sushi foods.  When people think of sushi, they think it's the culinary style sushi (picture below).  This is what some would call, "the fake sushi," it's made up of the real things, but they jazz it up giving it a 22 century touch and look.

This is the real deal style of real sushi.  This is what you get in Japan and at "Bon Dance's'  I've attended a couple of Bon Dancing with my late grandmother a few times.  I remember the Mak'e Sushi and the Saimin we used to buy and enjoy.  Saimin is Ramen noodles in Hawaii.

Now this is called 'Spam Musibi' a very simple spam, rice and nori.  I like my musubi's home made by myself or family.  A musubi is in a class on it's own, because it gained popularity in Hawaii.  This is a kids go to snack or meal.  Men, women, and kids love's this stuff.  

OK, now you've seen the sushi and seaweed family, but now let me introduce you to the 'Cone Sushi'.  It come's from Korea but some parts of Japan also claims they originated the cone sushi.  This is the sushi that is filled with rice and various chopped veggies.  It's stuffed into a cone made of tofu, it's sweet and delicious, and no nori needed for this dish.  This is the least favorite in the sushi family.  A lot of older people like these more than the spam musubi.  Not everyone knows how to make a good cone sushi, only the old pro's can hit you with that authentic taste. 

Here's a tip for you:  Any kind of sushi is very hard to make, it consumes time and preparation.  You need to plan your day in order to make these.  It's fun to make and eat at the same time, I've done it many times.  Get the kids involve too, they will enjoy the after eating and gain a sushi making experience.  Sushi is also double expensive because of the time needed to make and the expensive seafood ingredients. 

Mahalo for visiting my blog.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Raw-Hide Killed Moo-Moo.

On June 26, after a long day of play, we gave our French Bulldog, Moo Moo, a treat. We supervised her while she enjoyed it and drank water after she finished. Before we went to sleep, Moo Moo looked up to receive her usual head pet.
The next morning, Moo Moo was gone. She was only a year and a half old, but her treat had killed her. Our vet said that even if we’d caught it the second it happened, there was nothing we could have done.   The treat was rawhide and in Moo Moo’s case, it caused a fatal blockage.
We knew rawhide was dangerous, but nowhere on the treats’ packaging did it say the word “rawhide”. We hadn't realized that “beefhide” is a form of rawhide and assumed it would be safe due to the lack of warnings on the packaging.
After overcoming the guilt that something we gave Moo Moo caused her death, we couldn’t help but ask the question -- Why are pet food manufacturers selling rawhide products when they’ve been proven, over and over, to be dangerous?
According to federal law, your family pet is no more than personal property; worth only what you paid -- It seems that many pet food manufacturers see pets that way too. 
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with ensuring that pet food and treats are properly labeled and safe. This is not happening. It is time for the FDA to make its oversight more rigorous and take dangerous products off the market. It can start by setting specific testing, labeling, and regulations on rawhide.
Dogs like Moo Moo are not just objects, they are living members of our family. We should expect the same oversight of products we would get for ourselves. The FDA has the power to make this happen.
Please sign the petition for Moo-Moo and for the rest of the dogs that will be killed next because of this product.

Friday, July 24, 2015

10DollarMall.Com Sunken Treasures Jewelry Set - Review

This is a stunning set of necklace and earrings.  I ordered this because I'm attending a mermaid theme party, and I must say..."I love it and I know people will ask about it." I'm thinking about ordering another for my niece...? 

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